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The LuLu Sessions

August 11, 2011

CU Engineering Grad, S. Casper Wong, has a new documentary screening on Saturday in New  York City at the Asian American Internatial Film Festival, “The Lulu Sessions”.

From the press release:

THE LULU SESSIONS is a raw and deeply personal documentary about the last 15 months of the larger-than-life LuLu, through the eyes of someone who couldn’t be more different – her best friend and ex-lover, the filmmaker.  Leave your ideas of boundaries in love and life behind, because this film will take you to a whole new frontier – and it’s likely to make your jaw drop, laugh out loud, cry and continue to think about it long after you have left the theater.

LuLu is unlike anyone you’ve ever met.  She’s the amusingly profane, chain- smoking, no-holds-barred Dr. Louise Nutter, genius cancer research scientist and demanding yet beloved professor.  Her sweet-sounding nickname, LuLu, has nonetheless, stuck from her hardscrabble childhood days as a former cheerleader growing up on a small farm in Vermont. At 42, she is told she has the very illness she researches – end stage breast cancer.

The next 15 months – LuLu’s last – are an adventure that rattles her assumptions, values and places a spotlight on the boundaries of the bond between LuLu and the filmmaker.  The film offers us insight not only into a deeply connected relationship but the beginning of an intimacy between two women that outgrows our understanding of friendship and partnership – and maybe even life.  Lulu returns to her family farm for stability and solace but battles resurrected ghosts instead.  Dying becomes a process of shedding – of long-held but stale presumptions, obligations and relationships and forging new ones.

The film has been met with great critical acclaim, with high praise from L.A. Weekly and Variety

The documentary was nominated for 4 Grand Jury Awards, took Second Place in Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Toronto LGBT Film Festival, and will be the Opening Night Film at the Austin LGBT Film Festival in September.

To read more about “The LuLu Sessions”, please go to the film’s website here.

To purchase tickets for Saturday night’s screening at the Chelsea Clearview, click here.

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